Empowering people to buy sustainably

We want to make it easier for people buy in-line with their green values, and keep their goods in use for longer

Common Goods - concept store for a sustainable future

People are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment and they're ready to make changes. Our research found that 76% of green consumers were actively choosing to buy sustainably produced goods, across a range of categories including fashion, beauty, homewares and more.

And yet, these same people tell us that finding the right products can be both difficult and time-consuming. We found that most people learn about brands and products through the recommendations of friends and family. We want to make it faster and easier for people to find the sustainable products they want to buy, and keep them in use for longer.

Common Goods is a concept store that will bring together a range of sustainably produced goods, across product categories. Our range will be choice-edited, like Whole Foods for the other things you need to buy. We'll have organic, re-cycled and non-toxic textiles; consumer electronics made for repair and recycling; goods on leasing and subscription models; and more.

Online, people will find detailed supply chain and production information to help their decision-making. In-store, people can experience products first-hand, attend classes and workshops, and access services to keep their items in use longer.

We want to help people get engaged with a positive vision for a green future, making sustainable consumption more accessible.

What's been happening and what's next?

We've made solid progress for the past six months and have ambitious plans for 2019.

  • Summer 2018: Common Goods was a UK finalist in Climate KIC's Launchpad pitch competition. We did some primary research on our target green consumers, and calculated our potential carbon impact.

  • Autumn 2018: We're currently partipating in Imperial College's WE Innovate 2019 programme and competition. We're currently speaking to brands about how we can provide value as a retailer and support them to grow.

  • Winter 2018-19: We're pulling together our business plan, ready to seek funding in early 2019. We'll be on the hunt looking specifically for impact investors or angel investors who are interested in sustainable production and consumption (Sustainable Development Goal 12).

  • 2019: We're incredibly ambitious and feel the timing is right for this project. We think we can soft-launch in Autumn 2019, and be ready for the Christmas season.

About us

Common Goods is founded by Kristina Bull and Talia Hussain.

Kristina is a consultant working with high street fashion brands, helping them to become more sustainable. She previously worked with WRAP on the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan and Love Your Clothes initiatives.

Talia is the owner of a sustainable micro-brand, Ramnation, which uses local materials and manufacturers, and eschews chemical fibres, finishes and dyes. She has a background in digital products, and an MBA from Imperial College.