Why is it hard to do the right thing?

People want to buy green products and expect companies to do their bit

People are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about their environmental impact and wanting to make changes. We know that these people - people like you - often find it difficult and time-consuming to buy in-line with their sustainable values. We want to make it faster and easier for you to find the products you want, keep them in use for longer and reduce your environmental footprint.

Common Goods is a concept store that offers a curated selection of sustainably produced goods, across product categories. Organic and non-toxic textiles? Check. Consumer electronics with recycled materials? Check. Low carbon life-cycle appliances? Check. We want to empower you to find the products you want, and support the companies contributing to a better planet.

Shopping for the future

Common Goods is an online & offline retailer offering a curated selection of sustainably produced goods.

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Find out about materials, supply chain and production information with detailed product descriptions.

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Come to the showroom to experience products first hand, attend events & workshops, and get engaged with a future free of pollution & waste.

New & Trusted brands

Discover great new brands and re-discover your trusted faves who are re-designing their products and businesses for a sustainable future.

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